District Eight announced the launch of its pop up showroom in the heart of Sài Gòn on July 29, 2022, making it the brand’s first ever retail concept store in Vietnam that promises to offer a unique experience in contemporary furniture design scene.

District Eight to launch first pop up showroom with new designer collections

Located at 33 Dong Khoi one of the city’s most iconic and historical streets in District 1 where tradition and modern intertwine, the 2 facade, 3 story showroom caters a space to celebrate the quintessence of Vietnamese craftsmanship in furniture making with a confident take on local cultures, contemporary living and an understanding of modern elegance. From humble beginnings with a small collection informed by Vietnamese architecture in 20th century, this flagship store now bookmarks a new chapter for District Eight with an exclusive showcase of new collections designed by award winning designers such as Michele De Lucchi, Toan Nguyen and Adam Goodrum through on site vignettes and displays.

Ông Darren Chew và Paul Norris_ Co-Founder_l13
“I have always loved the energy of this city. 12 years ago, the brand started in District 8 where we, a team of 4, sketched our very first design. This space in downtown Saigon really reminds me of our first factory and I wanted to bring its nostalgic elements to this location, it feels like a rebirth and also a new benchmark for District Eight. With this showroom, I want to reignite the neighborhood’s creative embers.“ ー said Darren Chew, Director at District Eight.

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Being the brand’s first retail concept in Vietnam, the showroom is conceived to convey subtle elements of lifestyle which are elevated to a multidimensional level through District Eight’s defining design identity in spatial design, material selection, and tonal color schemes. The space also includes a cafe on its first floor where visitors can enjoy barista-made beverages while indulging themselves in the contemporary setting harmonized with inspiring curated artworks.

District Eight Sai Gon Showroom

Opening Event Recap

District Eight Sài Gòn Showroom

33 Dong Khoi, District 1

SHOWROOM: 9am – 8pm

CÀ PHÊ: 7.30am - 8pm