The MESA Collection comprises tables and upholstered seating. The bases of the tables, which are available in two sizes, are hewn from solid oak.

The table surfaces are made of tempered glass and detailed in turned brass. Set on solid oak bases, the seating pieces are offered in single-, double-, and triple-seater options, all of which are meticulously constructed and covered in stain proof aqua clean fabric. The MESA collection’s elements complement each other by bringing together durability and functionality

What sets the MESA collection apart from other furniture is versatility. The MESA collection was designed with geometric reshaping in mind. Set the tables between the seating with the widest part at that back and you have a curved modular unit ideal for party seating. Set the narrowest part at the back and connect with the seating to create a straight line better for lounging. The additional equally attractive arrangement possibilities are practically endless. The collection is offered in two bold wood fiishes and three tweed fabric colours in Sesame, Fog and Squirrel.